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Change of Perspective

This is an amazing devotional. During this time

of quarantine, I have had no other choice but to

tune into the emotions that I have neglected

for some time. I have found this devotional to 

speak volumes regarding my thought process and

how I view the situation-my perspective. I

would definitely recommend this book to

anyone who needs a change in perspective! The 

author even gives room for you to meditate on

what you're reading and write along.

This is a must have.

Life Changing Devotional

Received this devotional only 5 days ago and

I've already learned so much! It is truly an

amazing guide to self healing and has really

helped me see things about myself that I wasn't

completely aware of. I completely recommend

giving this book a buy!

Awesome Devotional

I must say that if you have not purchased this

21 day devotional you are missing a treat. Now,

I haven't read the whole book, but I read a 

devotional a day. It has blessed me and I love

that it also has a page for notes and your 

thoughts. To the author great devotional.


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